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Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and Older Americans, Insecurity in the States 2019

by Jan E. Mutchler; Nidya Velasco Roldán; Yang Li

Nov 1, 2019

New estimates from the 2019 Elder Index (TM) suggest that half of older adults living alone, and 23% of older adults living in two-elder households, lack the financial resources required to pay for basic needs. The Gerontology Institute compares the 2019 household incomes for adults age 65 and above living in one- and two-person households to the 2019 Elder Index for each state and Washington, DC to calculate Elder Economic Insecurity Rates (EEIRs), the percentage of independent older adults age 65 or older living in households with annual incomes that do not support economic security. The EEIRs allow state and local governments to better understand and benchmark how many and which older adults are at risk of financial instability.

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